The sky isn’t a limit. And my ideas are now free of charge.

Dear (future) entrepreneur,

For as long as I can remember I’ve been pitching and selling ideas. We can call them concepts or designs, sometimes I frame them into a business plan but it comes down to ideas.

Ideas can be super powerful especially if the idea fills a hole in the market. The interesting thing about selling ideas is that the people who could benefit most usually are the ones least eager to pay for them simply because their brain is wired entirely different than mine.

A friend of mine is successful in import and export. His brain is wired and trained like this: “If I buy something cheap and sell it for more I make money. If I find the client before buying the product, I make money without risking to lose money.”

If a man like this comes to you for an idea, it’s usually something that he thinks he needs: a logo, a productname or a design of some sort. But what he actually needs is much larger and newer ideas that bring him a unique position in the market with unique products and services. I’ve found that selling an idea to him is hard because:

1 – The valuation: I always try to value the idea and not just my time,

2 – The non-creative ‘client’ cannot value ideas before they are real,

3 – After ideas are presented, they gradually lose monetary-value to him because they are so intangible. Clients no longer feel an incentive to pay for ideas as soon as they become normal to them.

4- An idea is just and idea. The most powerful ideas for businesses only prove powerful through execution and consistency. For great execution one needs the right funding and a great team.

But still it all starts with a great idea, a great concept and a vision of how to turn this idea into fruition.

I have decided to give all my ideas away. For free.

If you’re starting a business or a brand, I want you to use my brain, my network and my time. And I don’t want you to pay me. Together we will create whatever this new venture needs.

Here is a list of what I can contribute to your venture:

  • Market research
  • Concept development
  • Name proposals & URL-proofing
  • Trademark checking
  • Logo and corporate identity
  • Website
  • Packaging
  • Branding & brand development
  • Interior design
  • Product development
  • Team formation
  • Business planning
  • Concept & brand monitoring
  • Hell, I can even help you get funding,

Why am I doing this?
1 – Ideas are just ideas. they can stay on my desk or you can execute them and create success with my ideas,
2 – My motive is to create and co-operate with strong (future) entrepreneurs and companies,
3 – I want to benefit from the upside of your success, our success. Therefore I have blocked some of my time to invest in cool projects.
4 – I like to be unrestrained from industries, Currently I am working on a yoga-concept, a menswear brand and a re-branding of a chocolate brand.

I want you to pick my brain and use my ideas, for free. My only ask is that you are a goal-getter and will do whatever it takes to be successful. But let’s start like everything starts: a meeting and a nice cup of coffee. My offer stands until the end of April. Shoot me an email or share this with a friend who should come for a coffee.

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