We have designed these the full corporate identity including logo, icons and illustrations to emphasize the fact that ClearheadClub is targetted towards both men and women in and around the deskspace.

ClearheadClub comes to aid those who sit in an office every day. They have developed a very accessible form of yoga that needs no yoga mats, no change of clothes and doesn’t involve sweat. Yeah!

Yoga sessions can be done in a meeting room or directly at the desk.



background: ClearheadClub is Europe’s first dedicated office yoga company. They have developed a totally new style of yoga for everyone sitting in an office: this signature session is Clearhead30: it can be performed right at your desk and it doesn’t involve any yoga-mats, change of clothes or sweating.

our role: We developed the business concept as well as the creative concept in several sessions together with the ClearheadClub team. The challenge was to create a contemporary down-to-earth style that could speak to the business world.

services: Concept Development, Business Model Canvas, Corporate ID, Illustrations, Copywriting, Photography, Webdesign

Client: ClearheadClub